Standard Pallets

Maxipak manufacture standard size pallets (1165mm x 1165mm) for many applications.

Standard pallets can be made to suit various load capacities.

These are 2 way entry “bearer” pallets, and the number and thickness of top and bottom boards can be adjusted to suit individual applications.

Export Pallets, Boxes and Crates

Maxipak is an authorized manufacturer for wooden export items, covered by ISPM15 regulations.

ISPM 15 is the International Standard for Regulating Wood Packaging in International Trade, developed to reduce the incidence and spread of quarantined pests associated with timber packaging material.

All wood packaging material that is used for export must undergo either heat treatment or chemical fumigation. To verify that treatment has occurred, an internationally recognised ISPM 15 stamp, authorised by AQIS, is applied to the treated wood packaging.

Only certified treatment providers and/or wood packaging manufacturers can apply the internationally recognised certification mark.

Note: No additional documentation is required once the authorized ISPM treatment stamp is applied.

Storage Pallets

Many of our customers have saved considerable amounts of money by converting the pallets in their warehouse from hire pallets to company-owned storage pallets.

This concept is especially beneficial to those companies who carry out pick-and-pack operations.

The payback period associated with completing this changeover can be as little as 6 months.

The pallets are designed for use in both beam and drive-in racking.

Refurbished Pallets

Refurbished pallets can often be a cost effective alternative to purchasing new pallets.

All refurbished pallets are thoroughly inspected by our operations staff to ensure that they are offered for sale in a fit-for-purpose condition. They are also painted in a neutral colour.

If you are looking for a cost effective and economical alternative to new pallets, we keep stocks of both timber & plastic secondhand pallets.

Made to Order Pallets

Maxipak work together with our customers to design the most appropriate pallet for your product.

This ensures that your product is moved in the safest and most cost-effective way.

Many of our customers have their company name and/or logo stencilled on the side of their pallet for easy identification.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are most suitable for long term repeat usage, particularly in industries such as food, chemical and pharmaceutical, as they can be easily cleaned.

If using them for export, they do not require additional treatment to be ISPM15 compliant.

New plastic pallets are comparatively more expensive than new wooden pallets but the required end use does determines the value of the pallet to the customer.

Boxes & Crates

Boxes and crates are a cost-effective and ideal way to transport fragile or difficult to palletise items.

Maxipak offers custom design and manufacture of boxes and crates for both local and export use.

These are made to suit your specific material handling requirements.

This can be done for almost any shape, size or weight of product which needs to be transported safely and securely.

Once we receive the details of your product, Maxipak design staff will come up with the most cost-effective solution.

Timber Cut To Size

Maxipak’s main production material is Radiata pine.

We can supply your need for timber pieces, in either pack form or individual pieces. There are many different end-sections to choose from, with a maximum length of 6 metres.

All our timber is Australian made and is sourced only from sustainable forests.


Introducing MaxiSTOP!!

If you move products with a forklift, this product will virtually eliminate damage to your products and pallets, thus avoiding expensive stock write-offs as well as broken or damaged pallets.

MaxiStop works by directing forklift impact to the centre bearer of the pallet, rather than the top and bottom lead boards.

Made with high density steel, it attached to any Class 2 forklift carriage in minutes.